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Tuck in and a kiss

Well, not quite a tuck in and certainly not a kiss from one's loving parents. Here's a story of a lieutenant who had one drunk in his company.

There was a lively whiskey row, as sometimes occurs after pay day, this afternoon, mostly in Company B. I had a little trouble with one of my men, who was just drunk enough to be impudent. It was nothing very serious and I got him into his tent and quieted down, saving him from the guard house and severe punishment. This same man, whose name is Gear, gave me quite a scare this evening. I was sitting alone in my tent, when someone scratched at the door, the camp way of knocking, and when I said, "Come in," saw it was Gear, who, when he entered, had his hand in the breast of his blouse, and as he withdrew it, I saw the butt of a pistol. For a moment I was startled, thinking he was going to shoot, and was just going to jump for him when he handed me the weapon, saying he didn't think he was a safe man to carry it. He also said he was sorry he was saucy to me, and thanked me for not turning him over to the guard. I gave him a little good advice and the matter is dropped, but he did scare me!
There is a Malvin Gear and an Albert E. Gear of Co. H, so I'm unsure which Gear was involved.
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