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For a guy like me who eats in cafeterias, and hunts rats at landfills with with a secondhand .22, Ranger55's prose, "Just back from Africa" fires my imagination to a fare-thee-well. He writes well — he might possibly recoup the cost of his African sojourn by submitting a script to an outdoor magazine!

I'm speculating that a person who can afford to traipse all over Africa shooting all kinds of big stuff — has a rich daddy, hit the lottery, married well, or has a better job than I do. The chances are the man is not without some intellectual horsepower if one is prepared to accept the latter contingency.

I wouldn't know "Ed Brown" from Adam, but a guy whose business is building custom rifles can't be a rank imbecile either. Indeed, Mr. Brown seems to have a deep reservoir of respect in the shooting community.

Given, that the bone of contention is: a target barrel was delivered to where a hunting barrel was expected, is a misunderstanding of world record magnitude. Postulating that both principals were of sound of mind and good intent, how in a million years could a mistake so overwhelmingly gross occur?

Ever the fool — I blithely give it as my opinion that all things being equal (they weren't, of course, because Ranger55 is a rank amateur at ordering rifles, whereas Ed Brown is a seasoned pro in providing them), Ed Brown goofed. I'd love to know how a business man, whose reputation relies on satisfying customers, even unreasonable ones, can justify such a staggering misunderstanding. I would immediately withdraw that observation if I subsequently learned that sportsman customarily take heavy barreled rifles to Africa to practice target shooting.
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