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I wasn't there when the delivery arrived. My father accepted it, not knowing.

Maybe that legally makes a difference, I'm not sure and they didn't bring it up.
If that was honestly a problem, they should have explained it that way.

They could have offered to relap the barrel to a thinner size for free and the new stock could have been swapped as the groove was too wide for a hunting barrel. A nominal charge may have been required on my part and I may have still lost a little money, but at least I wouldn't feel insulted and could have ended up with the product I wanted.

The actual problem of the wrong rifle is one of two issues. How, after a long, detailed conversation about hunting in Africa they still managed to think I wanted a target rifle is a mystery to me. Next time I'll be ultra specific and get it in writing.
I feel it was their mistake, but that's debatable I suppose.
Either way I'm done with them.
Their arrogance and rudeness was the reason I posted.

My guess is they had made up their mind how to handle me and the legal side never was an issue because to them it didn't matter.
Just bad customer service, plain and simple.
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