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Just back from Africa

I just returned from Africa and sat down to catch up on emails.
When I looked back at this thread I was surprised there were so many replies.

I had a great trip with my father (priceless at this stage of our lives), and enjoyed everyday completely.
My PH was great, not only as a hunter, but as a teacher and companion.
14 days is along time to spend 12-15 hours a day with a person; we got along great.

The Ed Brown .375 performed well. With one exception all 14 trophy animals were one shot kills (and yes ALL the meat was processed to be eaten). The highlights were a 56" kudu and a 72 kg leopard (which was completely eaten by the hunting staff -they practically fought over it). The rifle performed fully to my ability to shoot it. Honestly, I had completely forgotten how upset I was with them during the hunt and happy to have it.

I didn't take the .308, instead taking a 22 year old Ruger M77 .30-06. My dad used it. Someone posted that an expensive rifle often shoots no better than a $700 one. On this trip, I have to agree. They both were flawless.

As to my original post, the bitterness I felt toward the attitude the Ed Brown manager gave me has faded considerably. Still I would never buy another of their products again. I plan to take a combat handgun course for fun, and I would have likely bought a 1911 from them, in fact, that was my plan. But the relationship and trust has been severed and that is an important issue to me.

There are no hard feelings anymore. I'm over it, just disappointed more than anything. As for the .308, I've decided to have a positive attitude and plan to top it with a long range target scope and use it as excuse to add another dimension to my shooting hobby. So it may turn out to be a good thing I ended up with that rifle. It doesn't change the events, but I'm more excited to have it now.

Thanks for your comments and the audience to complain. Of course each reader will use there own experiences and personal standards to decide who and how to handle their own business. The title DO NOT BUY ED BROWN was an emotional moment; I do not presume to tell anyone what to do. All I can say is what I experienced. It's all of little consequence in any case.
As always with any purchase from any company, Buyer Beware.

I'm off to Tanzania (Maasai and Selous) for a month next year to hunt dangerous game (a lion, buffalo, and elephant) along with the plains game of that region. I ordered two rifles from Empire, one in .404 Jeffery and the second a .300 H&H Magnum. (I love the classics) So far they have done everything possible to make sure I get the rifles I want, including lengthy conversations on the design of Mauser actions. We conducted fittings and looked over hundreds of blanks to find a great looking pair of matching stocks. I hope it turns out well. Good or bad, I'll try to remember to share my experiences and build my web poster reputation =)

Thanks again for your comments and Happy Hunting to you all !!

ps: I'm excited about the ruling in DC !! A good vote for those who cherish the right to bear arms, no matter who makes them.
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