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Mothers, don't let your daughters go out like this.

One Union regiment in Virginia had rounded up some civilian males as prisoners.

We remained at Bolton that night and the following day, during which time quite a number of laides, hearing where we had halted, came to our camp with blankets and food for the men and boys we had brought along with us. One of these lady visitors was richly dressed, quite young, and decidely pretty. She brought something for a young man whom she blushingly said was her brother.

Lieutenant Chrissey, a fine looking, gay young officer, who had charge of the prisoners, seemed much affected by this southern beauty, and for half an hour after her arrival was very lavish of his attention to her; then he turned abruptly away, gave his entire attention to others, and from that time until she left camp hardly looking toward her again. Presently he was relieved from that particular duty, and came sauntering past where I sat leaning against a tree-from which position I had been amusing myself, by watching his deportment toward the prisoners and their callers - and I asked him the reason for his so suddenly leaving, in so unceremonious a manner, the charming young creature, whom I had judged from his actions he was at first very favorably impressed with. "Yes, yes," he replied, "she was petty - but - well to tell you the truth I was quite seriously smitten by her pretty face; and she was real intelligent too - but" Never mind your buts, I said; let us hear your story. "Well, I was just thinking that I ought to ask permission to escort her back to her home, for it seemed to me extremely dangerous and ungentlemanly to allow her to attempt a return unguarded; for our rough cavalrymen are, you know, scouting around throught he woods in every direction, and she lived several miles away. But I happened to catch a glimpse of her feet, which by the way, were encased in very small boots, but confound her, she hadn't half laced them; and the long ends of the strings were dangling and draggling in the mud. Pshaw! It was like finding a nasty hair in one's pudding."
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