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"Johannesburg is the carjacking capital of the world. I worked in Johannesburg and often drove a car at night, doing shifts. I was always armed."

The most frightened I ever have been in a car was when I was working in South Africa for 5 months and driving around lost in Johannesburg at 5 am. It was dark, and I was the only white face around. I wasn't about to stop and ask directions. Fortunately, I had a compass on my watch and knew from a map that I had to drive south. Either I would find my way back to the highway and to the airport or I would be found as a skeleton at some dead-end street. I found a convenience store and they directed me to the highway.

The rules I learned:
Keep windows up and doors locked.
Leave enough room between you and the car in front so that you can dart out even if you have to run the traffic light (robot in SA).
Leave nothing of value or that may look valuable on the seat.

The worst part for me was that just when I needed a firearm the most, I could carry one.

I will shortly be off again to SA for a few months, but this time in a rural area in Northwest Province. And again, I won't be able to be armed.

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