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One of my customers is peeved about the interview, being he is a Doctor and says that he is already approved for dangerous stuff, like narcotics....

Me, I have'nt had time to get mine done yet and since I am on the Shop Tax stamp, I just keep it on the books Saves me $200

Even though you only need two references to attest to your non dangerousness on ou Local LE sign off application (my two longest and bestst buddies), my attached list includes two FFLs, four physicians, both ATF agents, a DEA agent, an FBI agent, two ICE Agents, a former Lt Col, a former candidate for Governor, 6 APD officers, three real estate developers, five CEOs, Spiff, and my mom...

Its my way of saying...why are you bothering? The last time I referenced for a 747 pilot and they asked me whether him having a .22 Supressor would be a danger, I gently reminded them that if he wanted to be a danger, he would just crash that 747 into Downtown Anchorage.....

It's all CYA stuff anyway

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