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"I humbly dissagree.... I think you should have the choice "


"MS has a real goofy law, open carry is legal, but you have to have a CCW to legally open carry... like I said, goofy."

Thats great! You have to have a permit to carry - open or concealed!!

"There are places for open carry....walking in the woods for example....working as security. But in general, keep it concealed."

Excellent! In general...but good to have the choice if needed.

"dont really want to open carry either, but would be nice not worry about losing chl because the wind blew my shirt open or my gun printed through my shirt. how about a few laws for the gun owner, why give the folks any more reason to hassle a gun owner, just cause my cars will go 140mph does not mean I drive that away. Let the people be the judgement of that one"


"This is a petition about a personal freedom, not a poll about how you prefer to carry."

"If open carry is legalized, there will be a huge surge in locations where carrying a firearm (concealed or not) is illegal. Merchants who previously didn't know/notice/or care will now be pressed into taking sides on the issue and a lot more carry-prohibition signs are gonna go up."

There is that...But it's all about the choice. I like the idea of open carry only if you are a concealed permit holder, Keeps at least some of the riff raff out.
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