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its tough to see "all the way down there" but there is a 24ft wide 4ft thick & about 8ft high ( right now ) back stop that is double layered 2 layers thick & ( staggered so the seams don't line up ) on each side with green treated 2 x 8s, using old telephone poles as the uprights in the corners & center of the long sides & filled with dirt & "junk"... there is also no building sites lined up with the range for at least 4-5 miles... also a drainage ditch about a 1/4 mile behind the back stop, & the range is built into a small hill... with the trees planted along side to deflect any stray bullets, it's about as safe as I can get for an agriculteral area like we live in...

... I'm still building on the back stop, it's going to be at least 10ft tall when completed... I revised my thinking on back stops, when I used to shoot only 200 yards, & used a large chest freezer stuffed solid with sheet rock as a back stop, & I found my 338 Win Mag with Trophy Bonded Bear Claws was blowing through the freezer at 200 yards, if I attached tagets to it... now that freezer is inside the existing back stop...

bad pic... but this is the back stop enlarged from the 1st pic

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