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Can we stop the silliness?

[off topic]

Shooting to stop - Shooting a target in the center of available mass until the threat stops.

Shooting to wound - taking aim at a perceived non vital area. (this is illegal in my state, because if you had time to take aim at a non vital area, the threat wasn't immediate)

Shooting to kill - Murder. The only intent is to kill.

The keyboard commando stuff needs to stop. If you want to kill a bad guy, please go tell the cops, hopefully they will reconsider your CCW.

We want to STOP the threat. That's it. if the threat is stopped, and we continue shooting, we have committed MURDER or ATTEMPTED MURDER.

And the ludicrous idea that "dead men don't testify" needs to be rooted out of our community. 1) dead men testify, its called forensics, its when the dead get to speak volumes. 2) Having the idea that you want to kill any attacker to avoid troubles in court is PREMEDITATED MURDER.

So PLEASE, PLEASE, stop the bravado and the chest thumping. If attacked, defend yourself with whatever means necessary to defend your life and the lives of others. But please, we need to be adults cognizant of the law.

[/off topic]

The best advice I was ever given was "shoot the biggest caliber that you shoot best / are comfortable with". Its a personal choice, let people make the determination on their own, but be willing to help if requested.
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