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Back when I was a yung'un...

...About 2 weeks ago... I mean 2 decades, all right... I was a hotshot hothead with a Glock. My girlfriend and I get attacked by 2 dudes and I try to evade, we walk fast, I yell for cops, we weave across the st, you know the usual.. LSS, I pop the guy.

Lesson 0: Don't get your legal advice from Guns and Ammo.

Lesson 1: don't think that evading and yelling for help will help, during or after in court.

Lesson 2: don't shoot to stop. Shoot to kill. The prosecutor is going to look at it as "If you truly felt you were in enough danger to draw (a crime in our supposedly free country), then why didn't you shoot the chest?" ("Because not everyone who carries has police-style training, but whatever") [Implying that the gun is too much force when one guy is kicking the **** out of your girlfriend while the you tangle with the other, but whatever].

Corollary: If someone's chasing you when you've fought them off once already, just kill the dudes. It's probably better in court. Better to be judged by 12...
Theorem: Always use more than just one shot. I know it's basic, but don't forget it!

Lesson 3: Don't aim at the legs. Too hard to hit.

Lesson 4: Carry something bigger than a 9mm.
Corollary: don't deviate from your carry load and start carrying FMJ for some dumb reason.

Lesson 5: Don't wear a cheap holster. Get a thumb strap.

Lesson 6: Don't carry your Glock chambered. Or maybe don't if you have to use a cheap holster. But again, don't get the cheap holster.

Lesson 7: Don't let them get close enough to make a grab.

Lesson 9: Don't try to arrest anybody. Don't try to give them 1st aid. Don't get next to them. They may be playing possum. See Lesson 2.

But maybe most importantly, SEEK OUT TRAINING AS SOON AS YOU'RE LEGAL AGE! I was in the navy but before that has been a complete non-gunner. Even though I got .45 training and was surrounded by guns ranging from .45s to 16", I didn't take guns to heart until I got out. Learn as much as you can as soon as you can! All the above were bonehead mistakes which added up to near-catastrophe. I had to plea bargain for 4 months in County and lost my CCW as a result of being young and dumb--when I was the victim.

Lesson 10: Don't accept victimhood. I just used the word in the legal sense. Accept responsibility instead.
What I want, is for every greasy, grimy tramp to arm himself with a knife or a gun, and stationing themselves at the doorways of the rich, shoot or stab them as they come out.
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