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Suggestions for a home range targets

what type of stages / targets, etc. do you like to shoot ???

I have my own 300 yard rifle & pistol range... I'm trying to build the nicest range around...

I've posted a few pics, I use 55 gallon drums for target backers at 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 250 yards, with my back stop at 300 yards, have a pistol back stop at 60 ft from the bench... 50 ft from a small patio, the handgun back stop has a couple of target frames, 22 rimfire spinners, & magnum handgun spinners for the pistol range...

I think I'm going to do some metalic targets up, maybe a gong or two at different distances for the rifle range & we often shoot water jugs / bottles, if we have new or young shooters around... I also have 30-40 old bowling pins that I use occasionaly...

what do you guys like to shoot, & or how do you think I could improve my range ???

from the bench looking down range... I'm planting & trimming the trees to keep a nice mowed tree lined 300 yard 2 place rifle range

Shooting shack... the bench is elevated to about 9' to allow full range of shooting through the slight valley that my targets get placed ( note the rifle on the bench, visible at the front ) BTW... I had to add the screen door, to keep the racoons & opossums from going up & craping on my seats & floor in the shooting shack, over night...

the "lil mule" range tool... hauls shooters & gear to the range ( about 75 yards from my driveway ), & speeds the target replacement on the long range targets...

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