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An honest debate on why our carry cartridge needs power

.300 H&H wrote: I see all these suburban commandoes in states of hypervigilance shooting .40S&W's out to 25yds. In the back of my mind, I note that during WW2, Churchill's bodyguard used a .32 and that U.S.Generals were issued Colt .32's.

A slight comment. Winston Churchill was his, when it got down to the bottom line, own bodyguard. He carried a Webley revolver in the pre-war days, then an American officer gave him a .45 Colt automatic, which he carried from that point forward. If you look at the photos of him wearing his ulster, the shape of old slabsides can be clearly seen in his right pocket. ;-P

I came to bet my life on the 1911 in the Navy in Vietnam, carried one as an LEO back home, and now as a civilian I sleep with one on the headboard of my bed loaded with Cor-Bon 230 gn. HPs. If I had a CCW permit I would carry my Springfield Armory GI .45, with the alternative being a S&W Model 19 .357 Magnum with a 4" bbl. But, I live in LaLa land where our local police or sheriffs agency gets to decide if you get a CCW permit based on a sliding scale of need. There are 7 permits issued in a jurisdiction with a population of 300k, and they are all issued to people who are worth more than 50 Million. Maybe the Supreme Court will address the CCW laws on the next round.

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