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An honest debate on why our carry cartridge needs power

In several threads here on TFL we have debated the pro's and con's of primary carry gun caliber. We have seen both sides make great points to support or disagree with both large and small calibers. One issue was raised but never really got debated and that was odds of being attacked and what kind of attack. I took the time to look at the FBI's 2005 Uniformed Crime Report and was really shocked to see the stats.

Robbery's totaled 338,100 in 2005. 42 percent were armed with a firearm.

Aggravated Assault's totaled 720,115 in 05. 21 percent used firearms.

Both of the above groups had over 60 percent of attackers armed with some type of weapon.

That means we have a 1 in 280 chance of being a victim and a 1 in 933 chance of being a victim to someone armed with a firearm.

Now given the odds of having to face an firearm armed adversary does caliber still mean little to you guys?
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