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Dishonest? Like saying almost never is different than "rare".
Yes, dishonest. And "rare" is quite different than almost never, at least in the context of DGU incidents. 1 in 200 is rare, 1 in 2,000,000,000 is almost never.
Like over looking my point that the civilian use of a concealed weapon is extremely low yet folks like us still carry.
Didn't overlook at at all. In fact, I addressed it directly by pointing out that the lifetime chance of a DGU was very different (much higher probability) than the likelihood of caliber making a difference in the outcome.
Like advocating a caliber you know is simply not capable of consistently causing the damage needed to stop an assault especially under the pressure of an armed conflict.
Once again you are making things up. I have not advocated any such thing. I have said that this nonsense about all the damage needed to stop an assault is just that, nonsense.
Who's being dishonest here David?
Uh, you. That is what I keep pointing out.
By your own words you know a civilian gun use event is "rare". Still you carry.
Yes. I also know that deadly car wrecks are also rare, but I continue to drive.
Seems much less a gap than needing the gun to begin with.
Yeah, I know. We've discussed this apparent inability of you to understand basic concepts of probability and relative likelihoods of occurrence before. That statement shows that you haven't changed in that regard.
You OTOH prepare for rare but not very rare....that seems hypocritical. Especially when the difference is only a few ounces away.
LOL!! This from a man who admits to carrying what many consider a compromise gun in a compromise caliber! The same could be said of you, my friend. FWIW I'd suggest there is a much greater difference in ounces between my Beretta 21 or my Airweight Smith and say, a loaded Glock 23, and a loaded Glock 23 and a Glock 22, or a Glock 21. Gosh, how hypocritical of you!
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