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Sure, the important thing is to do it consistently each time whether it gets shaken or packed. I think that most will shake or tap it. Many volume measures have a funnel top that slides to level the powder before dumping it in the bore, and it needs to spill somewhere so why not capture it?
Some folks like to measure their loads up at home and put them into pill containers like having pre-loads.
Personally, I have several plastic funnels that I place in the bore so I don't spill powder all over the place and ruin the measurement. I like to drop a little extra in too sometimes to make up for whatever sticks onto the walls of the bore, a grain or 3 won't usually matter. And having a funnel in the bore helps me to remember where I am in the loading process because I remove it once the powder is dropped.
I've always wanted to make a powder drop tube so that those smaller powder charges will go right into the breech without sticking to the walls. I've heard a few good ideas about how to make one cheap. One idea was to use a hollow aluminum arrow shaft. It's long enough to bypass a lot of the fouling in most barrels. Only a funnel needs to be added to the top of it.
There's always another experiment to try.
Nothing like the old days though when folks would just pour the powder into their palm until it simply covered up the ball they were shooting...oops...that's about the right amount of powder!
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