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New to BP shooting

After months of thinking about it, I have finally decided to buy a muzzle loader. I was always into modern firearms, particularly of military design. I have noticed a new trend in myself over the last few years, that I have strayed from high-capacity, quick reloading weapons to more simplified designs. My AR's and such have not seen daylight in quite a while, while my lever-action carbines see the range everytime I go. My semi-auto pistols rarely get the working that my revolvers have been seeing as of late.

I have found that having fewer rounds, and taking longer to reload, not only saves me money, but makes me shoot much better, and is more enjoyable.

But I digress.

I recently came across a used Hawkin's .50 caliber cap-lock rifle for a good price, and being interested in black-powder weapons, I snatched it up. However, I have never used a muzzle-loader before and was wondering if anyone had any information for me. I have been shooting for the better part of my life and am familiar and comfortable with firearms in general, but I find myself a bit hesitant to just load up and start firing.

Is there anything in particular to note in using a blackpowder rifle?
Extra care in ammo storage/transport?
Added risk of bore corrosion?
Special precaution in loading?

Any advice would be appreciated.
If they are as much fun to shoot as it seems, I will be keeping my eyes open for a nice BP revolver next.
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