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How much does size matter?

There's I think a false sense of security that get's inadvertantly
promoted, when people focus so much on 'caliber size' and 'the percentage of one-stop kills...' The .357 mag. gets a sterling reputation for being a true manstopper ie. a 125gr.hollowpoint .357 gets the reputation of almost being a kind of super bullet. In reality ,however, the .357mag. is far from being a magic bullet - and in a snubbie, it's a bit brutal in regard to recoil and muzzle blast.

What gets overlooked in a lot of discussions about caliber effectiveness - is the reality of self defense. It's easy to demonstrate how one might eliminate a target with the right weapon and caliber, but the very hard part of the equation is being able to demonstrate how someone is going to be able to actually grab a weapon and use it effectively in a self defense situation.

I can shoot targets at the range all day, but in the real world when my attacker has surprised me a bit...and he's only 5 ft. away from me - I need self-defense skills that revolve more around my ability to come up quickly with a concealed weapon rather than the tactics that just revolve around the size of the bullet chambered.

The .25acp and good tactical skills trumps a .357mag. and poor tactical skills. If the bad guy see's the print of my full-size auto or my midsized revolver and takes it away from me - it does me no good. The tiny gun in my pocket might be the best weapon to have. If I can use it with skill, then it might make sense to carry it frequently.

The .25acp is not my nightstand gun, and it's not the gun I take in the great outdoors. The .25acp , however, is the little gun that I am carrying when you think I'm not carrying anything at all. Yeah, when I'm dressed like that cop in short pants on RENO 911, the .25acp is what's in my pocket.
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