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I live in a nice suburb.

I work at the largest jail/justice complex in the south. It's in Memphis-one of the murder and crime capitals of the country, thank you. I have seen tanks on Main Street (1968), and martial law/National Guard troops several times during riots. Gang thugs are everywhere. I have experienced things you can't imagine. I am COMPLETELY prepared for most anything. I simply carry a .32 as my primary gun. I keep others handy at all times.

Your gun customers, like you, will have to figure it out for themselves. Good equipment makes carrying a big gun more comfortable, but not as comfortable as my .32.
I, too, live in a very "nice" suburb but Hades isn't far away at all and it's in every direction you choose to look. Detroit Metro aint no nirvana and there are plenty of places outside of Detroit that are fast becoming dangerous due to the economic climate in the state of Michigan. Sales are up despite the economy; from my very limited perspective it's not the "repeat purchaser" when the economy was better. It's the new purchaser or someone who is not considered a "shooter". CPL classes are also filled 1 to 1.5 months in advance. No matter what they purchase (I only advise them to rent the model or something similar before they purchase) I always inform them that a good belt and holster is required.

We agree - everyone will have to come to his/her own level of preparedness responsibility and comfort.
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