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Yeah testimonials are worth exactly what they are,which are opinions most of the time and everyone has one.I know Ive got several and here is one of them.
Personal experience from men in the field under not so good combat conditions,showing good results from his group is another.
Yeah George can jump up and down saying his Weapon Shield is the best ever and receive doubt from some folks.But he is a man of his word and is willing to stand up for what he says.If a person has doubt in what he says its easy to just get a sample and try it out.For free too.If you have question then call and ask...George and Mark will stand on thier heads trying to answer questions.
Trust me,I have been hounding George since the year 2000 by phone,email and in person at matches...I mean almost weekly too.Im a pretty hard sell and require alot of detailed information.Including formula details.
So I'd say he is open to just about any line of questioning regarding his product or even advice on weapons maintenance,repairs,products and even shooting techniques.
Thats one thing that seperates George from most all other lubricant manufacturers.He is an actual sportsman,who does actually shoot and use his own products.Call some of the other manufacturers and start talking about spring selection in a 1911 and see what you get.Then try and get some detailed or technical info on the products they sell.Heck some dont even want to provide an MSDS.
Not to mention he manufactures several other products aimed at the automotve and rail industries.Im pretty sure the Weapon Shield holds just a small market share of what he sells.I bet he has not got rich on the FP-10 or Weapon Shield,especially considering the amount of time he spends talking about the subject.I'd almost bet he has given about as much CLP away as he has sold in fact.
If you talk to the man you can tell he is selling a gun oil that he made to do what he wants on his personal weapons.So I see it as Im actually buying a product made specifically for weapons,by a Lubrication Engineer designed for his personal weapons.
Now I dont work for George and Im not trying to stand up for him,or raise praise,as he does not need me to.Im just trying to say that George has actually worked hard to come up with a CLP that meets the requirements that he feels are needed from a gun lube as he see's it.He designs,tests,does the formulation,and in the end goes and tests the CLP on his own Weapons.I know Ive seen him in the field using and nit picking his own products.
What Ive done in the past is get enough of the product to actually test it.A one ounce bottle or sample packet is not enough for me to even start with.
I want my back yard red neck corrosion tests,live fire and long term evaluation over a series of months.I use the products on everything from muzzle loaders to belt feds...pretty much anything I can get my hands on that goes bang.Then run the without PM for as long as my OCD can stand it.
Ive run well over 700 rounds through standard AR's in a matter of a few hours with only a single light application of the Weapon Shield.Ive tortured several pistols in the process as well.To date I have yet to see any of them fail from a lack of lubrication or show excessive wear.In fact most all are still wet with lube and only require a simple wipe down.I have not had a single issue with wear or corrosion,and that includes my CCW.
Yeah any decent weapon should run 100% with even the lightest amount of any type of lube and minimal maintenance.The actual proof is in the long term preservation of the overall mechanical status. If anyone has ever had a pistol suffer from poor lubrication you know what Im talking about.I have my old LEO service weapon,a Italian made Beretta 92FS,that is worn badly from using poor lubricants.Which is one of the reasons I have spent so much money and time searching for the ultimate gun oil.I care not to repeat.
Now one might look at all the online corrosion tests and say one product is better than the other.But you also have to consider most of these tests are from extreme exposure to salt water and extreme high humidity with no context of actual preventative maintenance.
I can tell you one thing for a fact if I do decide to go for a swin in the ocean with my pistol,it will get a flushing with fresh water and soap,then a detail strip.I dont care what oil you use somthing is going to rust in the end if you dont.If you do make a regular practice of spraying your weapons with a salt water solution,I'd recommend seeking help and stopping.
Personally if I can place an old gun barrel outside in my back yard for a week or so,coated in my gun oil of choice and get pretty decent results Im pretty darn happy.Thats a worse case scenario for me,as my weapons maintenance is like a religion.Golden rule that was hammered into my head; "The sun never sets on a dirty weapon."
Anyway the corrosion tests also do not show which of the products is actually or truely balanced.What I mean is sure they show the top preformers in long term protection against salts and acids but what about as a lube and or cleaner.
To me a true CLP has to be able to provide all three functions with adequate results and not just shine at one of them.Thats what I call balanced.
To end my long ramble I will just say the Weapon Shield fits the bill for everything I expect from a gun oil/CLP.In a word its "dependable."
IMHO its the best and most balanced CLP on the market.
I also add that I like the Mil-comm TW25B for a weapons grease.But Ive seen excellent results from using the Lithi Shield mixed with a little Weapon Shield to get the viscosity I want for a gun grease.Sorry George Im a greaser at heart and gota have some every once in awhile.Plus you gave me a sample so its your fault Im using it.Ya know man.
For black powder and corrosive ammo cleaning I still like Ballistol and water.That is until George gets his "Corrosive Ammo Cleaner" back on the market.That stuff rocks.
Again sorry for the long ramble and thanks for reading..Just want to share what Ive found out for myself.
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