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Very good post. I would like to add a few cents (for free)...

I believe tap-rack-bang should always be conducted. I have observed people at the range pull the trigger, nothing happens, then they stare at the gun and take the mag out, and start all over. Immediate action must take place at every occurrence possible. Muscle memory is a powerful thing.

I also believe during magazine changes and/or at the end of firing and you remove the magazine; you should 'drop' (let fall to the ground or bench) the magazine. We have all heard the story of the officer who was killed with his hand in his pocket full of expended brass (firing a revolver - at the range he always emptied brass into his hand and put the brass into his pocket so he wouldn't have to police the brass. Muscle memory is a powerful thing.

Also, please practice reloads and tactical reloads (reloading when not completely empty [why I will not own a gun with a magazine safety]) without looking at the gun - keep your eyes down range. You don't want to be in a gun fight looking at your mag pouch or your gun. Muscle memory is a powerful thing.

Did I mention that your should practice like you intend to respond in an actual situation, i.e. muscle memory is a powerful thing.
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