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I really wish I had the time to get back into martial arts. I'm working about 80+ hours a week since I opened up the new restaurant. I can't wait until the managers get done with their training so I can lighten up a little. Oh well.

Again, thanks for the input. I will only try it in a last ditch effort or if the opportunity is so great that I feel I can do it safely. There are never guarantees one way or another. Maybe I'll try to get to a training seminar next time I get a break.

Major lessons learned...
1. Only try to disarm the attacker as a last ditch effort.
2. Even skilled martial artists got shot most of the time.
3. Control the weapon if possible.
4. Learn some "proven" techniques and PRACTICE.
5. Do not assume that the attacker will be debilitated with your strikes.
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