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surrender position I was talking about was with my hands up and to either side at head level
No reason to mince words, here- this is silly. Why take your hands further away from the threat, and in a position where it will be mechanically slower to get them back? If your adversary lets you, take your hands out more to the sides than up. Think shoulder level, not head level or higher.

Let's cut to the chase. For a/n (unarmed) disarm to work, you must be able to touch the attacker. If you can't touch the attacker, or at very least their weapon, you should only make a move if you're pretty certain you're dead anyway. My stance on that is, if I'm going down, I'm going down as hard as I can.

Disarming techniques are dangerous? What the hell? You're facing a firearm. There is the implied threat of lethal force already, and you may be receiving overt threats in addition. Personally, I'd already call that dangerous.

You're overthinking some parts of this and underthinking others. Forget right/left. You sweep the threat off you with the closest hand.

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