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Nylon 66 action sticking


I've got a Nylon 66 .22lr and just starting having some malfunctions with it recently so I did what any gun owner would do with a gun that was malfunctioning that had not been cleaned in 21 years. I cleaned it. After disassembly and re-assembly, I'm still having the same problem. The problem is that after I load a round, fire the round, the bolt will not slide all the way forward to load the next round. I have to manually push the bolt forward.

During disassembly and after cleaning, I tried the bolt action without the receiver cover and it was very smooth. After adding the receiver cover, it seems to apply pressure to the "rails" the receiver slides on and seems like too much friction is causing the receiver to stick on the way back to load the next round.

The gun is not supposed to be oiled and is self-lubricating. Also, loosening the bolts on the receiver cover seems to help but the screws should be somewhat tight, I've got them pretty loose to make the action work better. Have not shot any rounds through it yet but still seems like the action is sticking. A

I've got this question posted a couple of other places looking for an answer but can't login to nylonrifles just yet. Any suggestions?


- Mike
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