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Open Carry is an option

The issue is where are we and why are we carrying openly. We had this discussion not long ago and most did not agree with my thoughts.
1. There must be a overwhelming reason to carry in the open, as this carry method denies the great advantage of surprise. I would not wish to casually throw away such an advantage. Changing public option by open carry is not a good enough reason to loose the advantage of surprise.

2. There is chance that open carry in populated areas will be misinterped by the general public and LE will be called. Most of the time this will be a negative interaction with street level officers, I can not see this as productive.

3. There is a time and place for open carry, and I do so on my long walks in my favorite forest. My expiation is that most will not missinterpret my motives in that environment.

In a nut shell, I concealed carry for my own safety, it is not a public statement, nor am I interested in intervening. I use the element of suprise in my defensive plans. On the street in a urban setting a individual carrying openly would become a focus point for me, I would move away from the individual toward safety, he best not make any mistakes or approach me uninvited.

Good Luck and Be Safe
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