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It seems that those who have had a chain-fire or two are the 'old-timers' of Cap-and-ball shooting (alot of people who write they've had a chainfire write 'in 30 years') so i think it's also reasonable to assume that chainfires were in part caused by worn-out originals and low-quality repros from the early days of cap 'n ball revolvers from the 60's and 70's.
That's an entirely unreasonable assumption.

One more time: chain fires may occur due to loose or missing caps or poorly fitting bullets in unsealed chambers.

They can (and have) happened with new guns of good quality.

The summary from the Norwegian paper is right on the mark.

might be too long nipples or caps, on the recoil they would then bump into the recoil-shield at the back, going bang.
That would produce a double report, a characteristic which has not been reported by any observers to date.
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