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The one thing I did notice about the guy I was watching have the 3 chain fires thing after it happened 2 times I started watching every shot he made ..trying to see if I could gain some insight as to what was the cause ..( I`ve never had a chainfire myself in 30 + years of black powder revolver shooting .) So I really wanted to see one happen first hand . Second thing I noticed was every chain fire happened on the chamber to the left of the one being fired ..I watched the guy smear lube over the front of every chamber , so I`m thinking it has to be happening from the rear ....BUT what bothered me the most was the fact on the chainfire he had that I was watching the hammer fall and the chamber to the left at the same time ..The cap was in place on the chamber to the left as the hammer fell and it still chainfired .
OKOKOK how could it happen , watching him load and cap I noticed he was haveing to pinch every cap to make it fit and stay on I came up with the idea because the chainfire happened on a caped nipple chamber / covered with lube on the front had to be one of two things causeing the chainfires , first thought was a crack in the chamber wall ..I was hopeing this wasn`t the case , so I offered him a tin of my caps ...he started useing my caps and never had another chainfire the rest of the afternoon , and hasn`t had one since and I know the guy well , we shoot together all the time ..The ill fit of his caps had to be letting enough spark in around the base of his nipples to be the cause of his chain fire problem ..The revolver he was useing was a 1858 Remington made by Palmetto Arms ..I don`t think much of Palmetto Arms ..His Remington looked like a rough finished piece of junk ..but it indexed well and shot tight groups I doubt the rough finish had anything to do with the chainfires ..I might add no damage was done to the pistol or him ..he left the range with only a scary memory of the events.
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