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For the skeptics, I've tried pretty much every lube out there and Weapon Shield is the best CLP on the market. Lots of decent products like Break-Free CLP out there, I've used Break-Free for many, many years, as well as G96, Eezoxx, and others. No CLP works as well as Weapon Shield CLP.

As for Militec-1, it is a great lubricant as mentioned, and the guys at Militec support the troops 100% as well, but it is not a CLP and it will not prevent corrosion as well as Weapon Shield CLP. Not even close.

Great to see Weapon Shield is in the hands of the guys that can really use it the most. Outstanding job, George!

All of our trials and testemonials will pale in comparison to the field reports coming in from harm's way, as in the above statements. The environmental conditions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the sheer amount of Weapon Shield CLP being used daily by our troops have proven how effective this stuff really is.

As to using something thicker like a grease, I personally don't think that it is necessary, or a good idea, but lots of guys do. If you want a grease, try the LithiShield from George -

Milcomm TW-25B is also very popular -

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