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The structure itself is pure white oak & antique chestnut - 14'x20'
In a house that small, you probably won't have room for a floor gun safe. Since it is new construction, you can build in a shallow false wall in one of the closets, and store your guns/ammo/valuables between the wall studs. A good way to conceal the opening is with a piece of paneling. Glue magnets to the panel, and countersink corresponding locations in the studs. Glue a washer in each location for the magnet to stick to.
have a huge walk in closet or an additional room built off the master that is re-bar reinforced grouted block with its own phone and electrical service. ideally i would like both. they would serve the dual purpose of a safe room a safe and disaster shelter.
If you reinforce a bathroom instead of a closet you automagically also get a water supply and sanitation facility for an extended stay.
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