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I don't recall how the SD comes into play for the formulas when used for RB's but I can tell you these things:

0.440" RB driven from a 36" bore with 80gr of 2F will enter the chest of a whitetail at 40yds, cut the boiler almost in half, penetrate at an angle to the opposing hind quarter and come to rest against the bone. Same ball & load effectively enters the WT nose at 30yds emptying the brain box through a 2.5" diameter hole in the rear. Same ball & load at 60yds goes through a WT boiler room taking out the boiler and lays under the hide on the opposit side.

0.575" RB driven from a 34" bore with 100gr of 2F will effectively take out one WT front shoulder and penetrate at an angle exiting through a 1.5" hole in the rib cage on the opposit side on a WT at 85yds then go another 10yds or so before burying itself about 2" deep in a pine tree. Same ball & load at 65yds will enter the WT's neck from dead front center at spine level and open a hole a foot plus long like a zipper where the spine used to be over the shoulders, no idea where it went from there. Same ball & load on WT 70yds out that suspected I was there somewhere punched through both shoulder bones with ease and without destroying all the meat (was supposed to be a boiler room hit not a shoulder breaker - he started turning to bolt)

I don't care what the math says, RB's work just fine.
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