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Hey, thanks all

I have a couple hunert pounds of pure lead, and about a ton of WW, been scroungin' for years. Glad I did in the earlier days, as now I keep hearing all the scare about the zinc in some. I should have enough to last me and my kids and perhaps grandkids. Pure lead a little harder to get for free and that's the kind I like best, haven't paid for any yet.

I will try a controlled test of WW and pure lead for myself, that would be the only way to find out on my own. Never thought about the aspect of damaging the rifling on a BP rifle with WW, was thinking it would only affect the skirt flare and/or accuracy with blowby if skirt did not flare. I have never driven WW past 1400fps because of the lack of hardness and leading at higher velocities, so I was hoping it would be soft enough for BP rifles.

I push WW in my Remi 58's and Ruger OA, but then again I am not driving tacks, mostly just making noise. I currently don't compete in any groups, and only recenly (finally) joined the local sportsmens club. Been doing it all at the pasture and pond shooting live targets, ie. turtles and carp.

As soon as harvest is over and summer planting done, I intend to take this 58 out and see how it handles.

Thanks again all.
Okie out
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