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Sectional density - Round ball

I was just running some numbers on beartooth bullets ballisticians corner.-the relative penetration calculator. With the calculator I've got 9.81'' of relative penetration with a 133 grain .45 round ball. Next I calculated the relative penetration of a 1500 grain 1.00'' ball, and guess what I've got?
21'' of penetration! How can that be? All round ball bullets have the same sectional density as the weight/size ratio is the same, the bigger ball needs the increased weight to make a larger wound channel as deep as a smaller ball. -but the penetration should be equal right?

I dont get it. #

Does round ball penetration go up with the same amount of size increase of ball? What I mean is, if I have a .45 round ball, If I take a 50% bigger ball with 50% more weight it penetrates is 50% more than the .45?

The link to the calculator.
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