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So I just got back from the range open house. When I got there, I took a walk around the different ranges, saw the high-powered rifles, and then went to the .22's. I had to wait a bit as the line was under-staffed, but it was worth it in the end.

I shot an army surplus .22. It seemed a bit heavier than I was expecting. The clay disks were at 10 yds, so it was truly a beginner set-up. The instructor was cordial, but didn't really comment on posture, grip, etc. I know he was there more for safety, but he seemed taken aback by some of my questions. Though it may have just been he didn't hear me well. I asked what range would be typical for the .22, since I knew it was a beginner set-up. He said 25 to 50 yards (I was thinking 100 yds, but maybe I'm off), and then talked about the range rules for putting up your own stands, and that if you bring your own it has to be that the bullets end up in the berm and not in the ground. He also mentioned that he was a member of the range, but he normally goes to indoor ones closer to where he lives.

I just kept shooting, focusing on trigger control, aiming, and trying to be very aware of the 'shooter's rules'. As I made my way through the 20 rounds, I kept picking smaller and smaller pieces of disks, and found I was pretty accurate, but at 10 yds, it's probably not saying much. The instructor seemed impressed, "for a first-time shooter", but I'm sure his role is also to make it a positive experience for everyone, so there's no way to really tell on that.

Overall, the experience was a good one, though I was a little disappointed on the wait (1.5 hours for about 12 people in front of me), and that I wasn't able to pick a rifle (the choice was for pretty much everything else). Even still, I'm glad I went, it was good to experience a range setting, be around people shooting, and try it out, too!

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