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"when all else fails, read the instructions."

Hi all. Thanks for all the response. I broke the rifle down to get at the trigger assembly and read and followed the directions on the various adjustments available. When I looked at all the components I noticed that the backlash adjustment screw locknut was backed completely off and that the screw was barely engaging the threads. I corrected the backlash adjustment and locked it down. Then I adjusted the trigger pull. I don't have fancy tools or scales to determine what the pull is in pounds, but I know what I like and set 'er there. And locked down the locknut. Reassembled rifle and went to the range. Firing speer .308 180gn mag tips at 300 yards. Before trigger adjustment, 5 shot groups 2.690" - 3.25". After trigger adjustment, Three 5 shot groups:
1. .879"
2. .819"
3. .936"
I have always liked my rifle, now I REALLY like my rifle.
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