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I'm not too sure what the issues are here. Just so I'm not talking out of my hip pocket, I went downstairs to measure a NRA 50-foot slow fire target, but apparently I am out. IIRC, the target is about 10"X12", the 7 ring is 6" in diameter. So they are asking you to shoot what? A target 4 times that size? And keep it inside of what size circle? 8"? 10"? 12"? Typically, I shoot my Colt Combat Commander in 45ACP at 25 yds because any closer and I feel like the target will have powder burns on it. I typically shoot a group about 3"-4" in diameter at that range, not Olympic champion performance, but then I am just an average shooter. So what size is the 7 ring on the target they are asking you to shoot on? If your guns are capable of shooting into 4" at 25 yds out of a machine rest and you are not able to shoot into 8", then go back to basics and practice. If your guns are not capable of hitting a 4" circle at 25 yds, then you will never be able to do so, and you would be better off replacing the guns.
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