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I've -never- heard of a requirement like that for simply shooting at a range.
Are we talking 2x2 inches or 2x2 feet?
Are you -sure- somebody said 25 YARDS not 25 feet?
-Is this for some kind of competition?
-Is it possible somebody is pulling your leg?

I mean on an average day I can single-hand a 2x2 inch target at 25 feet (that's about 8.5 yards)

On a -VERY good- day I could do the same at 45-50 ft. (16 yards)

But a typical "decent day" run at 75 feet (25 yards) for me looks more like this and that's freestanding with TWO hands!

And my real point is that I only got as good as this by doing a LOT of practice. Hell if I was a new-guy and could shoot this well to "qualify" for a range I doubt I'd feel like I even needed a range

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