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I can understand that a certain number of people need to attend a class in order to make it worth while to put on. Still, if I was the only one this time, then there's no guarantee that there will be any more next, so I'm trying to find alternates.

Yes, there are a few ranges near me, but I'd feel like a fish out of water just showing up/calling and basically saying "Teach me...please." I'd like to bring something to the table in that case (right now I don't feel I do), or start at square one with a structured course geared for that. I'm struggling with needing to get more hands-on experience without being a complete nuisance.

The Appleseed Shooting Clinic looks wonderful, but my first impression is that I'm not even to that point, yet. That could just be a bad read on my part. I'll definitely look into it more, though.
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