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I would highly recommend attending an Appleseed Shooting Clinic. At an Appleseed you will learn how to fire accurately from the standing, sitting, and prone positions. How to properly use a shooting sling. Learn the history of the American Rifleman, and make lots of new friends that are passionate about shooting and teaching others to shoot. They are great for both novice and veteran shooters. The majority of shooting is done at 25yds, but depending on the range can include firing out to 500yds. Any rifle is welcome up to 8mm, a .22lr is fine and encouraged especially for the 25yd shooting. Their are currently three Appleseed shoots scheduled for the remainder of this year in Illinois. Even if you don't have your own rifle, contact the shoot boss for the event you plan on attending and more than likely they can arrange for a loaner rifle for you to use free of charge. Every Appleseed I have attended has had several loaner rifles for others to use.

Ottawa, IL #2 - July 4-6
Chillicothe, IL - Aug 30-31
Ottawa, IL - Sept 6-7

Check out the following sites for more information on the Appleseed Program.
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