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Gas Theft - What to do about it

I won't say how but there is a way to defeat a locking gas cap. I can have it off faster than you can use the key. The only way car, gas thieves are going to be deterred is to treat them the same way horse thieves were treated in the old west. A horse was considered valuable because it was a way a man made a living. Yes, they were only $25.00 but that was a months wage. Today many people use their cars and trucks for work and they cost far more than a horse did. Add in all the extra insurance we pay to cover the thefts that occur and it gets very costly. I know it will never happen so don't get excited but society (us) need to push for stiffer penalties that actually get inforced. Make it painful or costly enough and thieves will learn. My generation learned at a very early age to fear the law and respect our parents and authority. We need more parents today to apply a few more disciplinary swats to the rear ends of the kids today. They have no fear of consequences for their actions. Sorry about the rant.
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