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Hello everyone,

I'm sorry for making my first post a saga of a new thread, but I have to start somewhere...

I'm wanting to get into shooting and hunting, but no one in my family shoots. I've never been around firearms, never shot, haven't been to a range, and don't have anyone to formally introduce me to the sport. I've been doing my research online, and am beginning to make sense of the jargon. I'm ready to take my first steps, but here's my issue:

I wanted to sign up for an NRA Basic Rifle class the other weekend, it turns out that I would have been the only one to sign up, so they cancelled it. The next one is in late September. I guess Illinois isn't a big rifle state since most ranges only allow rimfire. I'd really not have to wait that long, just to have that one cancelled, too, so my other option is to sign up for a First Steps Rifle course. The only catch is that I have to have the firearm for that one. Since I'm so new to this, it seems the best and cheapest way to get into it would be to pick up a .22lr rifle. I've been looking at different manufacturers and models, but have only read up on them at this point. (I'm thinking a bolt-action, Marlin 60 or 925, Ruger 77-22, Remington Model Five, or Savage Mark II-FVT)

Now, there is a range open house coming up next weekend where I could visit, observe others, get a basic safety course, and possible try out a couple rifles. I'm thinking I'll go to the open house, try a few, decide on one that is decent, and then pick one up after thinking it over a bit. There is a scheduled First Steps in August, so I don't have to rush on it.

Is this a reasonable approach, or is there a better way to get started? Any other suggestions for the newbies out there?
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