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As soon as those words left his mouth, my hollow point would of left my pistol. Then theres 1 side of the story, and thats from the law aibding citizen side. Just MHO. The way I look at it is, if infact the crowd was a RIOT, than it was an illegal and unlawful gathering of people that did indeed had hostile intent. 1 the man risked life/injury to jump into a moving vehicle even if you were going 2mph i saw the same thing happen n watched someones leg get mangled, not pretty. 2 HE CLEARLY showed he had no concern for his life when you had a pistol to his chest and said yea go ahead do it. Him not having concern for his own life shows he has no concern for yours. You are lucky he fell from the car, who knows what would of happened if he did not, you do not know if he was armed with a gun knife or other form of a wepon, or worse yet grabbed yours. Many people keep referring to the man being unarmed, but what if he latched onto your throat with his hands. A double carotid choke is a pretty quick and easy way to injure/kill someone. I'm glad to hear you did not shoot, and will agree you were probably right in doing so, but I could also see someone justifying shooting. I would think/hope a jury would not punish you, but sadly we know due process isn't always right.

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