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So before I moved in here, the place had already been hit by thieves. The landlord sometimes goes on minivacations on a whim and leaves the house unattended. Well not anymore, now theres at least two or three always residing there.
But there are as of now, no keys to the front door, unless the landlord finds them, we will have to have it rekeyed so the place is secure when we are gone.
The dead end road we live on has a lot of traffic, most legitimate, as there are trails to an Equestrine (sp?) park, across the street, lots of people come up with their horses, or just hike it for fun. But there are also a large amount of kids who come up to hang out, look cool, get stoned, drunk, etc.

So we informed the neighbors about the intruder in the home, and got everyone on high alert. Yesterday, after the landlord came back home, we told him about it, and he finds out from one of his friends, that it was not a simple intruder, but a buddys relative. Not my buddy, the landlords. I have never met said buddys relative, nor has my gf, and the supposed reason of 'just checking on the place' doesn't sit well with me. They knew that Ray and myself and my gf are around, every day. There is NO REASON for them to come in the house.
Occasionally the buddy does have a need, maybe to plug in a battery charger for the dumptruck he parks at our place, but thats it.

I answer all strange noises around the place pistol in hand, and the gf asked to be taught how to use the shotgun so she will also respond to things that go Bump.

The landlord doesnt know it, but his buddy is going to get a mouthful from me next time I see him.
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