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I failed to report this. And failed elsewhere!

Forgot to post about this the other day.

Tuesday morning, I left for work. My girlfriend was at home, and one of the roommates left for work about noonish. The other roommate has been out of town fishing.

Minutes after my gf hears Ray leave, she hears footsteps upstairs on the deck and the sliding glass door opening. She is puzzled since she didnt hear a car pull up, and leaves the bedroom (all three bedrooms are downstairs, ground level, upstairs is the kitchen and living room, the deck is accessible by stairs outside and connects to the kitchen) to go see what Ray is doing, see if he left a cup of coffee in the pot. She closes the bedroom door, which is heard by whomever is upstairs. The footsteps run across the upstairs, the door slams shut, and exits the stairs outside.
My gf didnt get a chance to look outside the window to see who was there, or if a vehicle was there.
She was spooked the rest of the day. On the plus side she didnt just cower inside, she did make sure to have a presence on the deck, and plinked with the pellet gun on the targets in the backyard from the deck, just so anyone around would know the place wasnt empty.
Our home is one of the last on a dead end road, and set back far enough from the road itself that you cant really see the house, or tell if anyone is home. You have to come down one of the driveways.

So let me list the areas I failed:
1. House was not secure. The windows were unlocked, as were the doors. The doors to the deck dont really lock, but it can be wedged shut with a 2x4.
2. I haven't got my gf trained on the use of the guns, she knows a little, but isnt proficient. I haven't taken her to the range yet, and have only been shooting once all year. I can at least get her used to the light recoil loads in the 12 gauge and keep the 20 gauge easily accessible as well.
3. I also haven't got her accustomed to reacting tactically. My first instinct is to check out the bedroom window anytime I hear a vehicle approaching, or just to see if my roommates are home or not.

See next post.....
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