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I have a 452 Special in 17.HMR with a trigger job I did myself using an Eric Brooks trigger kit. It breaks the shot at 1.5 lb. It is topped with a 6-24X42 scope. From the bench, on a calm and not very hot day I can put a hole in a golf ball with the first shot, every time at 200 yards.

How's that for junk?

P.S. Those who call CZ "junk" out of ignorance: CZ was founded in 1919 as a military small arms factory and it has a long tradition in firearms innovation. For example the CZ75 semiauto pistol they make (one of the original wonder-nines) it is so successful, it has long passed the 1,000,000 production mark, it spawned several clones (Baby Eagle and Armalite AR-24 are just two of them), it is in service with more Governments, Militaries, Police and Security agencies than any other pistol in the world and it is the standard-issue NATO sidearm. Would you call that junk too?

Oh, and if it makes your nationalistic pride feel better: CZ is American owned and American managed. It is the only small firearms company in the world owned and operated by a woman. Her name is Alice Poluchova and she's a heck of a hunter and a shooter.
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