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22 Rifles

I just came in the house. I shot 200 ronds of CB long's at a 2-inch gong at 50 yards with my Winchester 9422. I own over a dozen different 22 rifles. I own some Kimber of Oregon rifles, I just bought a LH CZ 452, I have a Marlin lever action 22 along with my Winchester.

First of all for ultimate accuracy the Kimber is king(Anschutz is also a dandy).

Your question is a bit unfair. IMO the bolt action will usually be more accurate than the lever. So if accuracy is strictly your criteria then you should go with the CZ.

However for me there is a fun factor in shooting a 22 rifle. That is why my favorite 22 rifle to shoot is an open sighted Winchester 9422. All of my bolt rifles are a bit more accurate than the 9422, but not as much fun to shoot or hunt with.

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