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CZ 452 American with 4X scope at 25 yards, last Saturday, very windy. The top right circle is five shots. The middle and bottom circle are 3 shots each. All three circles were shot off the bag. The squirrels were shot unsupported.
My CZ outshoots my Browning BLR and Ruger 10/22. I think it is about equal to my Browning A-bolt in the accuracy department. I would have to get a higher power rimfire scope to find out which one was better. Sorry, I have not owned, nor shot the Marlin.
I can replicate that group with my 39 golden A at 25 yards with open sights shooting 22 shorts for petes' sake! Probably 3 or 4 times a month I set up a target in the backyard (about 33 yards) and just plink with my 39 and I can get quarter sized groups with it on a rest with open sights and shorts. A 4 power scope? Forget about it! By the way, who's friggin idea was it anyway, to compare a bolt action gun to a lever gun in the first place (even though it's one of the best lever guns ever made, and THE BEST lever gun I have ever shot)? I'm sure that the CZ is a fine gun in its' own right. But just because it is an accurate gun doesn't mean it's in the same league as a lever gun that may possible shoot just as well if not better than that very weapon. Just think about that for a minute, we are arguing over which of the 2 guns is better. One being a lever and one being a bolt. That in itself is a true testament to the quality of the Marlin 39A.
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