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Pork roasts work well for small gatherings the first time you try this; however, you can get a fresh Hog and quarter it. The following ingredients will vary in the amount-depending on how much Pork you're cooking.

1) Dale Steak Seasoning.
2) Goyo Adobo Seasoning
3) Mrs Dash Extra Spicy Seasoning
4) Garlic Pepper Seasoning
5) Several bottles of BBQ sauce ( different varieties- to serve with cooked Pork)
6) Coat pieces with Dale Sauce and then sprinkle heavily with all other ingredients. Wrap each piece with several layers of Heavy Duty foil wrap.(wrap in different directions to hold in juices)
7) The most important part to this is the FIRE ! Use hard wood like oak, hickory. ( don't use Pine, etc, it won't hold the heat and the coals go out too quickly).
8) Dig a pit about 3 feet deep and wide enough to lay all pieces side by side without touching.
9) Start the fire around 12:00 noon the day before. You'll need a big roaring fire that will fill the hole with red hot ashes. Pile it high and stop adding wood in time to let the pieces burn down by around midnight.
10) When fire is ready, shovel out half the ashes quickly, and lay the meat on top of the remaining ashes in the pit. 11) Lay a piece of tin on top of all meat pieces and cover with removed ashes. then cover with dirt (saved when digging the pit). Make sure all holes are filled in with dirt to avoid any smoke escaping.[The tin is to protect the meat from the shovel when digging up]
12) Cooking Time: Regular size Pork Roasts will cook within 10 to 12 hours.
13) Quarter hog pieces will take around 14 hours. At the end of cooking time remove top dirt and ashes and tin. Place meat thermometer in each piece and check for doneness. ( there should still be heat underneath).
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