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Yep, it is easy to be an armchair general afterwards: who knows what I would have done in the same situation.
I don't know, I really don't. And that's because I can't get the atmosphere, the nuances, the 'flavour' of the thing without being there.

I can say (in the comfort of my chair, with no threat around and no wife and no dependents), that I suspect I would have waited inside the house and not gone outside (the time they came back in the car).

These little arse-hats in their gangs are nothing but vermin in my opinion. They should make it legal to exterminate them.

By the way, divemedic, one thing that is quite useful if you have a vehicle or a group hanging around in the street and you want to get rid of them, is a match-box bomb. I don't know if you have tried those before, but I have found that they are quite good. I suppose you could call it a home-made firework. You throw it, it bounces off the road and usually explodes 1 or 2 metres off the ground.
Not sure on the legality of it (the components are matches, matchboxes and tape).
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