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It is impossible to know, until we are placed in a similar situation, exactly how we would react to those circumstances.


That said, if I may make one suggestion for a "Lesson Learned": Don't EVER, EVER point a loaded gun at someone unless you are justified and WILLING to shoot and KILL them. If you ever DO point a loaded gun at someone, and you ARE justified, shoot and kill them, no questions asked.

Your legal trouble seems to have occurred when you "brandished" (pointed at someone) a loaded gun, without proper justification (i.e., you were in not in actual fear of imminent death or severe bodily injury, but rather, you were "lying in wait" with a loaded gun, stalking the gang-bangers). This was a bad decision, and one for which you should have learned an important lesson.

Pointing a loaded gun at someone is, legally, "use of deadly force." Don't do it unless you are justified in pulling the trigger, and if you can legally pull the trigger, then PULL IT.
- Honor is a wonderful and glorious thing... until it gets you killed!

- Why is it that we fire 1,000 rounds and know that we need more practice, but yet we punch a bag 10 times and think we know how to fight?

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