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I like Lee and RCBS based upon years of experience and tens of thousands of rounds shot in competition, hunting, military, law enforcement and just plain old paper and steel killing.

Back in my law enforcement days, I conducted an experiment with our armorer at Quantico. I bought a set of Lee .308 dies, RCBS .308 dies and Redding Competition dies. There was better than a $125 spread in price between the least expensive and the most expensive.

My armor and I proceeded to load up identical series of sniper-grade ammo on a Rockchucker, and fired from one of his tricked out Winchester Model 70 pieces that was other-worldly accurate. We did our firing test at a certain underground 100 yard range in southeastern Virginia.

The difference between the five-shot groupss from rounds produced by the different dies was less than 1/8 of an inch.

In all my years of reloading and shooting, I've only sent two sets of dies back to the manufacture for "warranty" work.

One was a set of Lee carbide .38 Special dies that I had boogered up the threads on. Completely, totaly 100% all my fault and I said exactly that in my letter to them. All I was wanting was for them to re-run the dies through a lathe to clean up the threads. They were my first set of Lee dies that I loaded truckoads of .38 Special with during my LE and IPSC competition days. Kind of a sentimental thing with me. The dies were over 20 years old--well beyond Lee's two-year warranty.

Lee sent me back both the original dies and a brand new set of dies with a nice note of appreciation for my loyalty. No charge.

The other set of dies were my RCBS .223 dies that I bought in the late 70's when I was in the military. A .223 case had become irreparably stuck. RCBS sent me a brand new sizing/decapping die. No charge.

I have obtained outstanding accuracy and reliability from both brands in all calibers I load and shoot. When I needed the warranty because of my own cranial rectitus, both brands delivered in spades.

Based upon firsthand knowledge and experience, I see no reason to ever change my preferences.

If every single gun owner belonged to the NRA as well as their respective state rifle/gun association, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in today.

So to those of you who are members of neither, thanks for nothing.
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